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We Are

Digitally Native

Mark and Tan is a digitally native next generation boutique law firm founded by veterans of film and television studios and acclaimed international law firms.

Who We Are
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We Do

Our practice includes our pioneering Digital Influencer and Social Media Law Practice, all aspects of Entertainment Law from Film and Television to New Media, Distribution, Licensing, and Intellectual Property with a long-standing expertise in Trademarks and Copyrights.

With our team of experienced Of Counsel we are also trusted advisors for our clients in Television Legal and Business Affairs, Music Law, Employment Law, and Executive Compensation and Employee Benefits.

What We Do


Creators, Digital Influencers, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube Talent, Social Media Agencies, Producers and Production Companies, Management Companies, Ad Agencies, Content Distributors, Documentarians, Authors, Podcasters, Startups, Software Companies, and Designers and Makers in the Apparel, Fashion and Consumer Products industries.

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Our Work
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Digital Influencers
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The content landscape has changed. And we were there when it happened. We no longer live in a world where only a few companies or studios decide what is seen and heard. The playing field gets more level every day. One day you're DIY and the next you have a platform before millions. We’ve guided our clients who have gone viral overnight. We understand what it means to turn your passion into an enterprise.


We are pioneering and establishing the new industry standards as they are being made. TikTok, Instagram, YouTube - we do it all, on the daily. We have a pulse on what’s next, and that means you.

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Moving at the Speed of Social Media

If the Silicon Valley credo is “Move Fast and Break Stuff,” ours is “Move Fast and Fix Stuff.” These days, deal flow churns just as fast as content does. Decisions made fast need to close even faster. Socials don’t sleep. You can’t wait on a lawyer that’s going to take weeks to get back to you, who doesn’t know the parameters of this world.


We move with you in real time. And we’ve seen it all. We’ve got your back, so you can get back to what you do best, creating.

Your Brand
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Is Our

You are your brand, and we can help you protect it.  As former in-house trademark counsel for the Warner Bros. studio and the largest trademark law firm in the country, we’ve filed thousands of trademarks over a decade plus of securing and protecting the intellectual property portfolios of some of the world’s most iconic brands including the Looney Tunes, The Matrix film series, The Rolling Stones, the Lord of the Rings franchise, the American Idol TV show and many others.


Recently we’ve helped clients launch their own clothing lines, start their own shoe company, build their tech startup brand, protect their world-famous YouTube IP, name their Netflix musical, merchandize their Oscar-winning film, grow their boba cafe empire, and even design their own Barbie doll with Mattel. And with a team of trusted international counsel we partner with in nearly every jurisdiction worldwide, we can help you protect and enforce your brand as it goes global.

Our Team

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Of Counsel

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Of Counsel

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Of Counsel

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Of Counsel

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Of Counsel

Our Team
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